Tobacco Free

Helping Tobacco Users Quit for Good

Abacus Health has partnered with the Truth Initiative® to bring you the EX Program

The EX Program is a digital tobacco cessation program developed by the Truth Initiative in collaboration with Mayo Clinic

By combining Abacus Health’s proprietary communication platform and process along with a private, confidential experience, members have the greatest chance of quitting for a lifetime.

It's Time for a New Approach

live chat
Human-powered digital support:

Live chat coaching and an award-winning social community empower smokers with compassion and accountability.​

personal service
Personalized to participants:

Multi-modal tools tailor the quitting experience to individual needs, including pregnant smokers, e-cigarette users, and other tobacco users.

24-7 support
Support for how addiction works:

24/7 support for as long as smokers and ex-smokers need to quit and stay quit—making the difference between a slip and a full-blown relapse.

The EX Program Includes

Personalized quit plan

with interactive exercises, educational videos, and emails.

Text messaging support tailored to the tobacco user

including pregnant smokers and e-cigarette users.

Live chat coaching

with tobacco treatment experts.

An active online community

of current and former smokers.

Nicotine patches, gum and lozenges

delivered to participants’ homes.

Incentive administration

including tracking and reporting for premium differential.

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A word from the EX Program clients and members

We did NOT expect to be able to launch so quickly after signing. We have more than 7,000 employees, and we launched within a week after the contract was finalized. Accessing flyers from the client portal was easy and we started to promote it heavily right away. We were thrilled!

- Program Manager
Charleston Area Medical Center

The EX Program has been a tremendous benefit to Douglas County residents, and made a difference in our organization’s efforts to have an impact on the health of our community. The self-paced aspect of the program, along with the constant digital support and responsiveness of the EX team, make it no surprise that so many people have quit successfully using EX.

- HR Department Manager
CHI Mercy Health

The EX Program makes it easy to get started as a new client. Our Client Success Manager provided us with support and feedback from A-Z and was very helpful in offering us additional resources. We would recommend them to other companies thinking about offering tobacco cessation services!

Program Manager
South Country Health Alliance

The beauty of this site is that the community offers unconditional love and experiential wisdom from people all over the world from all walks of life. These people have “been there, done that” and know the pitfalls, the excuses and the how to’s.

Program Participant

I had quit for two months when I found EX----BUT...I was hanging on to my quit by a thread and definitely would have smoked if I had not found this site. It was great to find normal people-----not doctors, not experts......but regular people who had quit/were quitting just like me.

Program Participant

From the very first day [in the community] I was greeted with an entirely new perspective! BecomeanEXers are FUN! They laugh, play, cry, gripe, feel in ways I’d forgotten how! That was my light bulb moment when I knew that I just had to have what they have!

Program Participant

I have to give all the credit for staying quit to this community. After close to 900 days, I’m still here nearly every day. Nothing ruins your smoking like BecomeAnEX!

Program Participant

E-Cigarette Use, or Vaping can cause Severe Lung Injury

Abacus Health has partnered with the Truth Initiative® to bring you the EX Program, helping tobacco users including vape products quit for good.

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