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Bending the Diabetes Cost Trend

Scholle IPN employees and family members living with diabetes receive a tremendous benefit through the Abacus Health Solutions (Abacus) Diabetes Care Rewards Program. The program provides a private and confidential support service that helps members with diabetes more effectively manage their condition. The results are better health and lower costs for participants and the company.

Over the three years the Program has been in place, Abacus has successfully engaged over 40% of the members with diabetes, nearly tripling national averages for participation in a disease management program. Program participants have had significant improvements in their Hemoglobin A1c, a key clinical measure for diabetes that demonstrates blood sugar control.  Claim costs for the overall population of members with diabetes on the company’s self-insured health plan, not just those participating in the Program, now are 30% less than before the Program started.  

A1C Changes and Medical Claim Savings
Scholle IPN Diabetes Program Results
3X Participation
as compared to national
disease management programs

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