Impact high cost hypertensives

Multiple studies show that patients who regularly monitor their blood pressure at home versus the traditional model of office-based care, have better hypertension control when managed by a healthcare professional. 

•  1 in 3 adults have hypertension, or high blood pressure
•  Hypertension increases an employee’s healthcare costs by 33%
•  Untreated hypertension can damage the heart, blood vessels, kidneys and other parts of the body


Abacus Health's e-Blood Pressure Program

The eBlood Pressure Program was originally developed with funding from an AHRQ grant. Abacus built the eBP platform within a Patient Centered Medical Home to aid in improving health outcomes and reducing hospital admissions and readmission.

The program allows for streamlined blood pressure self-management with individually tailored feedback.  The eBlood Pressure Platform engages, supports, incentivizes and rewards users for health behaviors based on established clinical guidelines for managing blood pressure.

Abacus' eBlood Pressure Program is designed to

Engage highest risk members

utilizing our proprietary risk stratification algorithm to identify those with multiple chronic conditions

Perform medication therapy management

via Abacus clinical pharmacy staff to ensure proper adherence

Utilizes remote monitoring technology

of blood pressure while encouraging care coordination with member’s PCP

Delivers incentives

that encourage members to routinely monitor their blood pressure and share their readings with their PCP

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    Over a decade of proven results across a variety industries and business sectors

    4% Medical claims reduction
    26% Reduction in hospital admissions

    New case study results are on the waycheck back soon

    New case study results are on the waycheck back soon

    A word for our client and partners
    Providing employees with the tools and resources necessary to manage chronic conditions not only supports them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it also serves as education to the latest technology available to make better decisions with their physicians. We’re happy to have worked with Abacus on this important benefit.
    -Lauri Tenney
    Director of Benefits and Programs - EMC
    This program is wonderful. Thanks to this program I learned I had a blood pressure issue and I am working to lower my reading with diet and exercise…I would never have realized I had an issue with my BP without this program.
    - Program Participant
    I would not have seen the results that I have without the program to help me manage my blood pressure.
    Program Participant
    I like that the eBP Program provides an easy way to track blood pressure history and share with my doctor.
    Program Participant