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Hypertension is often one of the top 3 drivers of healthcare costs for employers and impacts 10-20% of the total employee health plan population. When left untreated, hypertension can damage the heart blood vessels, kidneys, and other parts of the body. To address rising health care costs, a Fortune 500 technology company engaged Abacus Health Solutions to support members with hypertension.

Through data mining, multi-modal communications and outreach, Abacus identified and engaged at-risk members.  The Program provides an easy to use, cordless Bluetooth blood pressure cuff. The cuff uploads blood pressure readings to the Abacus Good Health Gateway platform.   

These readings allowed Abacus clinical pharmacists to address medication regimens, medication adherence, lifestyle changes and review the readings with the members primary care physician.

The client provided the intervention to 500 employees with hypertension:
  • The program increased patient activation, improved self-management activities, and improved blood pressure control.
  • For all program participants, pharmaceutical adherence increased and medical costs decreased, driven by substantially lower hospital admissions.

12 Month Results

Reduction in Medical Claims
Reduction in Hospital Admissions
Reported Improved Blood Pressure as a Result of the Program
Shared Blood Pressure with Primary Care Physician

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City of Lynn, MA
Wins Big with Diabetes Management

City of Lynn MA claims trendThe City has improved
the health of their Employees and reduces costs by implementing the Abacus Health Diabetes Care Rewards Program

Abacus Scientifically Validates Diabetes Care Program Results

Using over a decade’s worth of program data, Abacus has scientifically proven the effectiveness of the Diabetes Care Rewards Program including nearly a $1,400 annual medical claim savings.