Bending the Diabetes cost trend

A complicated condition like diabetes requires a comprehensive approach to care that is confidential, personalized and appealing to the member.

National Diabetes Statistics

Non-Adherent with
Care Standards
with Medication Regimen
Have other
Chronic Conditions
Claims Attributed to
Members with Diabetes

Diabetes Care Rewards is designed to

Validation-InstituteThe Abacus Diabetes Care Reward Program has earned Level 1 – savings validation from the Validation Institute.

Improve adherence to care standards

by fostering a deeper relationship between the member and their doctor

Increase medication adherence via proprietary process

through timely, relevant incentives in the form of co-payment waivers for diabetes medications and supplies.

Provide lifestyle and behavioral support

via certified diabetes educators and clinical pharmacists.

Engage members in precision health activities

based on their unique situation at a time and place where the member is most likely to be receptive.

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    Over a decade of proven results across a variety industries and business sectors

    40% Decrease in members with A1c>10
    0.7% Medical trend for diabetic members vs. 21% for overall medical plan

    60% Decrease in members with A1c>10
    2% Medical trend for diabetic members vs. 12.7% for overall medical plan

    24% Decrease in members with A1c>10
    -7.2% Medical trend for diabetic members vs. 4.7% for overall medical plan

    A word for our clients, members and partners

    The cost of necessary diabetes maintenance medications, like insulin, creates a barrier to adherence. The Program promotes adherence to diabetes medications and supplies by removing the copayments for those members who are active in the Program. Members provide very positive feedback about the additional education, guidance, communications and incentives offered through the Program.
    - Bryan Karetny
    Benefits Consultant -Marsh & McLennan Agency
    Part of the issue for the member is the high costs of medications. The program promotes adherence to the necessary medications and removes the cost barrier for those members who are active in the program. We get very positive feedback from the members and the hospital saves money on reduced medical claims costs.
    - Joni Blakney
    Benefits Manager - Children's Hospital of Alabama
    I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team for the Abacus Diabetes Care Rewards program which has provided an incredible amount of diabetes treatment support for many of our patients in our Pediatric and Adult Clinics.  Our staff are thrilled when we see have the opportunity to complete the forms for patients (or their parents) who have access to this incomparable benefit.  I presume you know your impact on these families’ lives, but I just felt it was worth you hearing it from a medical provider.  I serve as the center’s Director of Quality and know my sentiment resonates across our providers.
    Chief Medical Information Officer - Joslin Diabetes Center
    The Diabetes Program has helped me not only be able to afford my diabetic medicine copays but to improve my overall health. My A1c has reduced, I’ve lost 15 lbs and I am so grateful for this program. Thank you!
    - Program Participant
    The Diabetes Program has helped me save money on my diabetic supplies. By participating in the program I no longer skip taking the expensive medications. I am still working on better sugar control. The program helps alleviate some of my anxiety to reach my goals.”
    - Program Participant
    City employees and family members living with diabetes receive a tremendous benefit through Abacus’ Diabetes Care Rewards Program. The program provides a confidential support service that helps members with diabetes more effectively manage their condition. The results are better health and lower costs for both participants and our municipality.
    Mayor, City of Lynn, MA
    As a Type 2 diabetic for many years, I know the struggle of managing a chronic progressive disease while trying to maintain my everyday life. With Good Health Gateway, I’ve received the tools and guidance that allow me to manage diabetes and enjoy life. Through this program I have lowered my A1C, reduced my medication and feel so much better than I did before. I encourage all diabetes patients to partner with the Good Health Gateway to learn more about managing their health. Diabetes doesn’t need to be a debilitating disease if you have the right partner helping you through
    - KP
    Program Participant