PHTI reports finds that digital diabetes management solutions do not deliver meaningful outcomes or savings.

A report published today by the Peterson Health Technology Institute found that digital diabetes management solutions in the remote patient monitoring and behavior and lifestyle modification categories do not deliver meaningful clinical benefits, and they increase healthcare spending relative to usual care.

The report reviewed 8 digital diabetes offerings, evaluating evidence on the clinical and economic impact of these technologies using an ICER-PHTI Assessment Framework for Digital Health Technologies.

PHTI’s review of clinical evidence, digital diabetes management solutions has shown that they help patients achieve small reductions in HbA1c beyond what they would achieve with usual care, however the evidence reported improvement that exceeded commonly-used thresholds for meaningful clinical benefit with diminishing impacts overtime.

Additionally, the while these solutions, while these solutions increase costs for the health care payer, the estimated savings generates are less than the cost of the solutions.


Conversely, Abacus’ Diabetes Care Rewards program has demonstrated and be scientifically proven by an article published in the American Journal of Managed Care, dramatically improve clinical measures like HbA1c, reduce costly hospital admissions and lower total cost of care for diabetic members.

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