Surge in diabetes related complications leads to dramatic rise in hospitalizations

In an article published this week in the Journal American Medical Association Network (JAMA Network) by Edward W. Gregg, PhD1,2; Israel Hora, PhD1; Stephen R. Benoit, MD1 risks of lower extremity amputation, kidney failure, and cardiovascular events along with hospital admissions among patients diagnosed with diabetes are on the rise as compared to the 10 previous years. In...

Abacus partners with Health Action Council for education event.

Abacus Health's senior scientist, Dr. David K. Ahern is set to conduct an educational workshop for the Health Action Council's membership on May 21, 2019 entitled Bending the Diabetes Cost Trend. Dr. Ahern will share the results of a study summarizing a decade-long implementation of the Abacus Health Diabetes Care...

Enhancing Patient Engagement and Blood Pressure Management for Renal Transplant Recipients via Home Electronic Monitoring and Web-Enabled Collaborative Care

Effective management of hypertension in chronic kidney disease and renal transplantation is a clinical priority and has societal implications in terms of preserving and optimizing the value of scarce organs. However, hypertension is optimally managed in only 37% of people with chronic kidney disease, and poor control can contribute to...


Addressing the obesity epidemic with outcomes-based incentives and physician support The New England Employee Benefits Council named Lifespan, Rhode Island’s largest health system, as a recipient of the 2013 "Best Practice" award, presented annually to the companies exhibiting novel, innovative, and impactful strategies in employee benefits.Currently, 60 percent of the...

City of Lynn, MA
Wins Big with Diabetes Management

City of Lynn MA claims trendThe City has improved
the health of their Employees and reduces costs by implementing the Abacus Health Diabetes Care Rewards Program

Abacus Scientifically Validates Diabetes Care Program Results

Using over a decade’s worth of program data, Abacus has scientifically proven the effectiveness of the Diabetes Care Rewards Program including nearly a $1,400 annual medical claim savings.