City of Lynn, MA wins big with diabetes management.

The City of Lynn improves the health of their Employees and reduces costs for the City During a period when most municipalities are shifting healthcare costs onto employees, the City of Lynn has reduced out-of-pocket costs for members and realized significant budget savings by using Abacus’ behavior-based approach to support...

Surge in diabetes related complications leads to dramatic rise in hospitalizations

In an article published this week in the Journal American Medical Association Network (JAMA Network) by Edward W. Gregg, PhD1,2; Israel Hora, PhD1; Stephen R. Benoit, MD1 risks of lower extremity amputation, kidney failure, and cardiovascular events along with hospital admissions among patients diagnosed with diabetes are on the rise as compared to the 10 previous years. In...

Ocean Spray Employees Praise Better Access to Medical Care With Good Health Gateway® Diabetes Care Rewards Program

Ocean Spray employees and family members, who are living with diabetes, have praised the new care and benefits they are receiving under the Good Health Gateway Diabetes Care Rewards program, which the food and beverage company launched in January of this year.Diabetes is a very serious disease and when not...

E-Cigarette Use, or Vaping can cause Severe Lung Injury

Abacus Health has partnered with the Truth Initiative® to bring you the EX Program, helping tobacco users including vape products quit for good.

City of Lynn, MA
Wins Big with Diabetes Management

City of Lynn MA claims trendThe City has improved
the health of their Employees and reduces costs by implementing the Abacus Health Diabetes Care Rewards Program