Abacus Secures Patent on Behavioral Science approach to Chronic Health Condition Management

Abacus Health Solutions , a pioneer in behaviorally focused chronic health condition management, announces the award of a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent is titled Incentive Based Discount System.

The patent, US Patent No. 10,853,452,B1 represents a combination of modern technology and behavioral science to improve care of patients with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes. The system is used by employer health plans to improve adherence to care of members with chronic health conditions and has been proven to improve clinical outcomes, reduce hospitalizations, and lower overall healthcare costs. 

The technology enables near real-time feedback and behavior-based rewards to be turned on and off tied to program adherence. The system monitors and prompts participants engagement with their providers and adherence to care standards and delivers rewards in the form of copayment waivers for maintenance medications and supplies. This incentive serves as both a reward and reduces a major barrier to care for many patients. 

“A core principle of behavior modification is providing timely, contingent rewards for completion of desired behaviors. The Abacus technology has been proven to drive patient engagement, close gaps in preventative care, and lowers medical cost trends for employers” Michael Follick Ph.D. Abacus CEO.


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