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Bending the Cost Trend

Better Health | Reduced Hospitalizations | Lower Costs

Managing the Risk of Chronic Disease

Abacus Health is a pioneer in the behaviorally focused disease management field. Our approach is simple, attack the high cost drivers with precision focused interventions proven to improve health, reduce hospitalizations and lower costs.

Utilizing the latest in healthcare technologies, our programs for diabetes, hypertension and weight are built to foster high rates of adoption, drive members to providers, leverage remote monitoring technologies, and align with healthcare goals of quality and outcomes. Resulting in healthier less costly more productive employees.


Solutions Built to Reduce Risk

Diabetes Care Reward Program

Independently ValidatedA data driven intervention with a proven record of positive return on investment that:

• Closes gaps in care
• Improves medication adherence
• Delivers behavioral incentives

Healthy Weight GLP-1 Program

A long-term solution to reduce health and cost consequences of obesity that delivers success through evidence-based treatment.

  • High-Risk focus targeted engagement
  • Provider prescribing & coordination
  • Personalized care plan hat focuses on maintenance
  • Broad clinical support team

Check our results

Over a decade of proven results across a variety industries and business sectors.

National Insurance Client
40% Decrease in members with A1c>10
0.7% Medical trend for diabetic members vs. 21% for overall medical plan

Fortune 500 Technology Client
4% Medical claims reduction
26% Reduction in hospital admissions

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Living with chronic conditions is stressful and costly for your members and your bottom line, but it doesn’t have to be.  Connect with us and we’ll show you how.