Tackling the weight epidemic

The Good Heath Gateway® Healthy Weight Program
A long-term solution to reduce health and cost consequences of obesity that delivers success through evidence-based treatment.

As Weight Increases So Do True Medical Cost

US Adults are considered
overweight or obese
Estimated annual medical spending is on
obesity-related illness
Increase in medical cost per year
for every point of BMI above 30

A comprehensive, personalized program for long-term weight loss.


using medical and RX claims to identify high risk members, engaging them in an initial program eligibility exercise with review by in house clinical pharmacist.


including a personalized care plan & goal setting, remote monitoring of weight, supported by $0 copay access to anti-obesity medications for compliant members

Keep It Off™

ongoing dietary support post medication utilization, with positive reinforcement of skills and activities from health coaches, pharmacists and dieticians.

Keys for Success

  1. High-Risk focus targeted engagement
  2. Provider prescribing & coordination
  3. Personalized care plan based in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) approach that focuses on maintenance
  4. Broad support team including Clinical pharmacist, Behavior Change Coach, Dietician
doctor in lab coat

Check our Results

Over a decade of proven results across a variety industries and business sectors

74% Participation rate
68% of members who needed to lose weight lost some weight

70% Participation rate
Over 3000 cumulative pound lost in first 3 years of the program 

Member Case Study 47 year old male30lb Weight Loss

BMI decrease from 30 to 25
Increased physical activity (4 times per week)
Total cholesterol decrease 257 to 175

A word for our client and partners
Engaging employees and dependents to become better health care consumers and to take more responsibility for the cost and care of their own health is a core component of the change happening in our health system today, Lifespan is in the unique position to encourage primary care physicians to participate in the change process to support today’s emerging models of care.
- Howard Dulude
VP Human Resources Operations - Lifespan Health
The big motivation for me was the incentive and the payout being right before the holidays helped. I knew I had to lose weight and quit smoking. I set a date to quit smoking of December 17th and haven’t had a cigarette since. I lost 50+ pounds too. I looked at it as my company is paying me to get healthy.
Program Participant
I appreciate the savings and the motivation to continue to stay under the max BMI to get the discount.
Program Participant
This is a great program that all employees should participate in. I believe you do a great job in communicating this to employees.
Program Participant
I really don't think it can get any better. Really to get paid for being healthy, nothing better than that for inspiration.
Program Participant